We offer several services here at Still Waters to make life a bit easier for caregivers.  When your loved one receives these services while they are here with us during the day, your time with them at home can be spent doing something more enjoyable together.

Beauty Salon

Each center has a licensed hair stylist ready to make each guest look and feel their best.  Services and prices are listed below; other services by request.  All salon services are offered twice a week by appointment.

  • Shampoo/ Style: $20.00
  • Haircut/ Style:
    • Men: $15.00
    • Women: $25.00
  • Color: $45.00
  • Perm: $65.00


Showers can be difficult to manage at home.  Perhaps your loved one can’t navigate the stairs to the second floor where the bathroom is located.  Or maybe your parent isn’t comfortable with your help during this activity.  Our direct care staff will provide a shower here at the center.  Showers are offered daily, scheduled in advance for $20.

Massage Therapy

Studies show massage helps with relaxation and prevents agitation.  A 15 minute chair massage by a massage therapist is offered weekly by appointment for $17.

Podiatry Services

Routine maintenance and exam by a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine are offered quarterly for $35.  Includes foot examination, cleaning, callus removal, and toenail trimming.

Personal Wellness

Personal Wellness is an individualized exercise program designed to help Still Waters’ guests improve their health and well-being.  Anyone who is recovering from a stroke, heart attack, fall, or surgery will benefit from Personal Wellness. Those who have gradually lost strength, balance, or endurance as the result of the aging process can also benefit from this program.   Each 30-60 minute session costs $20-$30. Click here for more information.  

All services are added to the guest’s monthly bill, call or email to schedule an appointment.

Castleton Center: (317) 284-0837      jessica@stillwatersadc.org

Eastgate Center:  (317) 820-3233      schellie@stillwatersadc.org

Occupational or Physical Therapy

Guests can receive medically necessary skilled services provided by My HealthCare licensed Occupational or Physical Therapy professionals under physicians order at our centers. These health care services are covered by Medicare and other health insurance therefore will not be added to the guest’s monthly bill.  Contact Deb Harlamert (317) 284-0837 or deb@stillwatersadc.org for more information.