A New Approach to Your Health and Well-being

Still Waters is pleased to offer optional Personal Wellness services for guests who attend either Center. This program is designed to combine the best of our socially stimulating adult day environment with individualized care – all at a very affordable price.

Each 20-30 minute Personal Wellness session is planned based on the individual’s needs, existing conditions, and interests. Sessions are held at the Center with a staff person working closely to offer encouragement, motivation, and safety. Personal Wellness sessions can be used to gain strength and mobility, to improve mood, or to help reach goals set by your health care provider. Many Personal Wellness participants have completed a program of Physical or Occupational Therapy and want to avoid “losing ground” after therapy ends. Others just want to be more active so they can enjoy more independence.

Some examples of activities in a Personal Wellness session:

Bird feeding
Stretching exercises
Resistance exercises ( hand weights or elastic bands)
Walking inside the facility
Outdoor nature walk – weather permitting
Tending the garden – seasonal
Leaf raking – seasonal
Breathing exercises
Stand/sit exercises
Working on a puzzle or cognitive game
Using rhythm instruments
Dancing with a partner
Singing with a partner
Balloon ball
Putting green
Laundry helper activities, washer, dryer, sorting, folding
Meal helper activities – table setting, rolling silverware, counting dishes
Kitchen helper activities –snack preparation, measuring, mixing
Activity helper activities – sorting, setting up activity items, moving chairs

*The Personal Wellness program is not physician-directed and is not covered by Medicare or health insurance. Prior to enrolling, each participant is required to have a Personal Wellness Assessment and develop a plan of care.

For more information, refer to the Personal Wellness Program Information Sheet or contact your Center.