The afternoon’s activities are being held in several rooms adjacent to the space housing Still Waters Adult Day Center. Please enter the building through Door #3 so as to minimize disruptions to our guests. 

The Large Activity Room is used to display art work created as part of Still Waters’ Art Therapy program, along with Performance and Group events at scheduled times. Visitors are invited to participate in the group events.

The Boutique has art items for sale. These items were specially created the Still Waters’ guests to be sold to raise funds for the Center. Please help support our program by purchasing an item or two.

The Resource Room is the place to learn more about Expressive Arts Therapy. Here you can find more in-depth information about the benefits of Art, Music, and Dance/ Movement therapies and the geriatric/ dementia population. Meet the therapists and interns involved in the Still Waters program. Get ideas in inspirations for using these therapies in your facility, home setting, or program. Learn more about Still Waters Adult Day Center.

The Large Activity Room, Boutique, and Resource Rooms will be open throughout the afternoon from 4-7 pm.

4:15- 4:30 pm – Performance and Group events in the Large Activity Room

  • Group Sing- “In the Garden”
  • Duet- Linda and Crystal- “Moon River”
  • Group sing- “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”
  • Group activity- “Experiential Intro to Dance Therapy”

4:45- 5:00 pm – Performance and Group events in the Large Activity Room:

  • Group sing- “Love Me Tender”
  • Solo- Ruth- “Jesus Loves Me” (in Spanish)
  • Group sing- “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”
  • Group activity- “Experiential Intro to Dance Therapy”