Days at Still Waters are filled with enriching activity to help our guests continue to connect with the world around them.  We offer several special activities including Dance/Movement, Music, Art, and Drum Circle. We bring in a variety of talented and dedicated professionals who not only entertain our guests, but help them become and stay more engaged with their surroundings.

Dance and Movement

The benefits of dancing and movement are instrumental in helping with relaxation, communication, and agitation management.  Rhythmic movements can help our guests feel calmer and they allow the individual to express body language, non-verbal behaviors, and also regulate emotions.  Engaging in dancing has been shown to diffuse agitation and redirect attention. It also stimulates memories and provides opportunities for reminiscence.







Music Therapy

Music is a universal language and music therapy is beneficial to individuals with dementia who may not be able to communicate as they could previously.  Music evokes memories and has been shown to improve moods and lessen agitation.

Art Therapy
participating in art therapy can be very soothing, and can calm anxieties and fears that sometimes accompany dementia. Creating a piece of art can also create a sense of personal accomplishment and renewed life purpose. Artistic expression, especially painting, allows our guests to communicate effectively with loved ones and caregivers.







Drum Circle

The benefits of Recreational Music Making and Drumming directly affect the social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being of individuals of all ages. Group empowerment drumming for seniors often decreases anxiety, stress and depression, and helps to improve joint mobility, posture, and large & small motor skills.  Drum Circles help increase energy levels, encourage creative expression, improve immunity and spread joy while building community.


Chair Yoga is a gentle type of exercise that can loosen and stretch sore muscles, while increasing core strength and overall balance.   Yoga is also relaxing and can promote a sense of peace and self awareness.

Tai Chi

Studies have shown that regularly practicing Tai Chi benefits seniors by providing overall pain relief, improving flexibility and a feeling of overall well-being.  The free flowing movements are also effective in reducing stress and can lower blood pressure.