a-day-at-swadc1a-day-at-swadc2Welcome to Still Waters Adult Day Center! If this is your first visit, read on to learn more about a typical day at our center. Still Waters is located in the Ministries Center of Castleton United Methodist Church. Enter through Door 3.

You’ll be greeted by one of our staff members. The person who brought you will sign in and provide us with any special instructions for your care.

Guests who arrive between 7:00 and 9:00 am, will likely find our group enjoying morning coffee (or other beverage of choice) and sharing conversation around the table. The day’s news, updates on the sports scene, and the weather forecast are popular topics of conversation. We also use this time to talk about upcoming visitors and projects. Did you sleep well? What happened at home last night? By sharing everyday lives, we connect as a family.

Mid-morning brings more guests and new activities.  Today, an exercise class using chairs and elastic bands is on the schedule.  Everyone participates according to their own ability level and comfort.

Next we have a visit from one of our pet volunteers. A warm fuzzy face greets everyone and it feels so good to stroke that beautiful coat.

Lunch preparations begin around 11:30 when a volunteer arrives with a delicious hot meal prepared fresh by a local caterer. The tables are cleared and set with tablecloths, napkins, and utensils (no paper or plastic products, thank-you!). During the summer months, lunch may include something fresh from the Still Waters garden. Flowers and vegetables are grown there for our use and enjoyment.

Guests and staff share lunch. By eating together in an attractive setting, Still Waters promotes good nutrition, socialization and the opportunity to experience one of our most cherished rituals – sharing a blessing and a meal with friends and loved ones.

Early afternoon is a time for guests to choose an activity that suits them. Some folks are ready for a rest in one of our comfy recliners or sofas.

Others may prefer to work on crafts. Still, others may be ready for cards or a trip to the game room for billiards or air hockey.

Early afternoon is also a time for showers, if you are on the schedule. Our bathroom facilities are designed to provide whatever level of assistance your need. Staff is always ready to help. The Still Waters Salon offers hair, nails, and massage services. A little extra pampering is fun and relaxing!

Volunteer musicians bring talent and a great personality to Still Waters. We have our own Still Waters Songbook and we love to sing along to favorite popular songs, show tunes, and hymns.

The afternoon physical activity is balloon ball. You might get hit but it won’t hurt. It’s also great for the lungs, torso and arms. And, it’s fun!

Late afternoon is snack time. Snacks range from light and healthy to sinfully delicious. Birthday celebrations are always special.

There are always a few surprises each day. Today, the infants from our sister program, CUMNS, stop for a visit. We are happy to interrupt whatever we are doing to Ooooh and Ahhh at the darling children. They find our wrinkles quite entertaining.

As guests begin to depart for the day, we offer a variety of table games, trivia, and memory games. Or, you may prefer to watch the news. There’s always a jigsaw puzzle that could use some attention.

By the time your caregiver arrives, you will have made new friends, learned something, and helped make Still Waters a better place. We hope you have found a new home-away-from-home with us.